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Ethan: Meteor Hunter post-mortem laments poor sales, Greenlight woes

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Ethan: Meteor Hunter is a punishing 2D platformer made by the "bastards" at Seaven Studio, and has been available for just more than a month on PC and the PlayStation Network. During this time, the game sold just 127 units on PC. A post-mortem on the Seaven Studio website cites issues with Steam Greenlight, translating the game into too many languages and that "good value and focus on gameplay are not appealing."

The post also notes that releasing the game a month after the release of GTA5 - one of the best-selling games of all-time (probably) - and a month before the PS4 launch and Xbox One launch - which were also two of the highest-selling console launches - might have contributed to the game's lack of sales. The game is also not yet available on Steam, having only recently gotten 96 percent of the votes it needs to break into Greenlight's top 100.

The post asks if gaming is in an "indie bubble where one-good-but-normal-game ([i.e.] not Stanley Parable) can only sell with sales and bundles, not full price." It also asks commenters to voice their reasons why they didn't buy the game so that "next time, if we manage to have a next time," they don't make the same mistakes.

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