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PSA: Free Baktrian faction invades Total War: Rome 2


Creative Assembly's Total War: Rome 2 has again added another historical group. This time around it's the Baktrians, and they're available as a free download.

For those who nodded off in history class, the Baktrians were a group living on the Eastern fringes of the Hellenistic states founded by those lesser rulers who followed Alexander the Great. As a result, the region quickly became an invaluable trade route between Europe and the Middle East, and Asian nations more closely located to the Pacific and Indian Oceans. This constant influx of economy (and thus culture) lead to an amazingly varied population, and the new Total War: Rome 2 DLC reportedly reflects this by offering "players a diverse battle experience ... blending units from the Greek rosters with those of Eastern cultures."

Being free, grabbing this DLC is simple. Fire up Steam and Valve's distribution platform should pull down the update automatically. While you wait, why not bone up on your history? Creative Assembly has crafted a solid background page on the Baktrians, and let's be honest, how many of you had ever heard the term before this article?

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