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Arma 3 modding contest involves pool of €500,000, potential contracts

Those enlisted in the war sandbox of Arma 3 have a shot at a real life victory - developer Bohemia Interactive has announced Make Arma Not War, a contest that will reward top-tier mod projects from a pool of €500,000. The revealing post also notes that mod projects which "show a lot of potential" could result in a contract offer from Bohemia, regardless of their standing in the contest's ranks.

Participants will compete in four categories: Total Modification, Singleplayer Game Mode, Multiplayer Game Mode and Addon. The event's keystone reward, a prize of €200,000, will be rewarded to the winner of the Total Modification category. The other categories will grant scaled awards depending on a contestant's placement - first place winners will rake in €50,000, second placers will get €30,000 and those in third will get €20,000. Ten finalists will be selected for most categories (20 for Singeplayer), with the victors being selected according to four equally-weighted attributes: Technical Quality, Originality, Experience and Presentation.

Applications won't be accepted until 2014, but Bohemia welcomes those interested to begin working on their project right now. Once you're done daydreaming about a future sack of money, you can also check in on the rules of entry. Submissions will be accepted up until October 28, with winners being announced on January 15, 2015.

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