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Apple adds Sharp 4K monitor to EU Apple Online Store, then yanks it


For a short time over the weekend, it was possible to purchase a 32-inch Sharp 4K LED monitor via the Apple Online Store in various EU territories, but it has since been removed across the board. The massive display was priced at £3,499.00, which is roughly in line with the product's price elsewhere. The monitor never made an appearance on the US version of the store.

As we inch closer to the debut of the new Mac Pro, whispers of Apple's plans to embrace desktop 4K displays has grown louder, and for a moment it appeared as though the company might have been offering a third-party alternative as a stopgap. The brief debut and almost immediate removal of the Sharp display could have been a simple error, or it could mean an Apple 4K display is closer than we think. We'll be watching our crystal ball for further hints.

[via Macworld]

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