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Pandora Radio 5.1: Wake up to your favorite station


In the face of stiff competition from Apple's iTunes Radio and a variety of other streaming-radio services, Pandora Radio added some new features to its iOS app today. The best new feature? You can set song or artist stations as your alarm clock sound.

If you've ever used the iOS Clock app to set an alarm, you know that in addition to a lot of standard alarm sounds, you can also choose a song from your music library as your wakeup cue. Unless you change that song every day, waking up can begin to seem like the movie Groundhog Day.

Pandora's station alarm will provide you with a song from your favorite station, so you'll hear either a different song from your favorite artist or something from that same genre every day. Pandora thoughtfully provided a snooze button to the alarm screen as well. The updated app also gained a very iOS 7-like interface. Pandora fans should have the updated app on their iOS devices today.

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