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West shoots East, East stabs West in Omerta: The Japanese Incentive


Omerta: City of Gangsters, Kalypso's Prohibition-era gangster simulation, just grew a bit more international with the launch of The Japanese Incentive, a downloadable addition that sees thugs from the Yakuza invading Atlantic City.

Priced at $20 (though momentarily reduced to $17 on Steam), the DLC adds new areas, new weaponry, new members to add to your crew and a whole new campaign focusing on the no doubt bloody interactions between the most famous organized crime elements of two continents.

Especially neat is the new flamethrower weapon which can actually ignite fires within the game's combat zones. That may add new strategic elements, or simply allow you to dispatch your foes in brutal, gooey, inhuman fashion. In a game about people who get paid to murder one another, that seems fitting.

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