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Around Azeroth: Fist-cubes of fury


I, Rivo of lionheart on Malfurion (US-A), am a fierce and mighty warrior of Stormwind! Sure, everyone thought I would be out of commission for a while after that unfortunate incident last weekend. I've learned a very important lesson about drinking for six hours and then trying to punch that jerk musclehead hanging around in my bathroom mirror. How I hate him!

But the first aid trainer bandaged me right up. He said they were out of linen, wool, silk, mageweave, runecloth, netherweave, frostweave, embersilk and windwool, but he gave me these awesome foam cubes to protect my fists. Nice of him to do that, especially since I killed three of his brothers last year in the Ironforge axe-throwing contest. He said that the burning sensation and smell of charred flesh means that the cuts are healing. Always trust the doctor, that's what I say!

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