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Cheaters prosper in Double Fine's puzzler Hack 'n' Slash


Double Fine has announced a new hacking-themed puzzle game called Hack 'n' Slash, due in the first half of 2014 for PC, Mac and Linux on Steam.

Hack 'N' Slash started out as an idea during Amnesia Fortnight, Double Fine's internal game jam, and was then chosen by the public to become a fully-realized game. It stars a young elf who uses her hacking skills to cheat at an action/adventure game. We're also told there are algorithms, which we hope is shorthand for dancing alligators.

Funding for Hack 'n' Slash was achieved through a joint effort between Double Fine, Indie Fund, Humble Bundle, Hemisphere Games, make all, AppAbove Games, Adam Saltsman, The Behemoth, Morgan Webb, and Rob Reid. It's part of a two-game financing deal that also includes Spacebase DF-9, Double Fine's Early Access space station management sim.

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