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Emergency Exit a great app idea, but not too useful yet

Mel Martin

Emergency Exit is a clever idea for an app. If you're in a building, stadium, airport, casino or other public place and need to get out quickly, Emergency Exit (US$0.99) uses Google Indoor maps to show you where you are and the quickest way out.

As far as it goes, it's a good idea for an app. But that's the problem -- it doesn't go very far at all, because Google Indoor coverage isn't exactly broad. Here in the US, the app shows only 55 locations; there are just four in Spain; 15 in the UK; and so on. Being at the right place at the wrong time to get the benefit of the emergency info in the app would be a sheer coincidence.

I tried the app at the Phoenix (Ariz.) Airport and that location wasn't recognized. I needed to be at the airports in Los Angeles or San Francisco, or some of the other cities and places covered.

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The developer isn't hiding anything, as there is a complete list of covered locations on his App Store page. Emergency Exit is a great app if you're in a place that happens to be on the list; not so great if you aren't. And here's a scary thought: The time you spend checking the app might take away from the time you need to get out of a dangerous situation like a fire or bomb threat.

I'll give Emergency Exit an E for effort and a D for dearth of data. The app requires iOS 7 and is optimized for the iPhone 5. Emergency Exit is a universal app.

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