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Even the Candy Crush developers are worried that they're a one-hit wonder


Candy Crush Saga (you know, that über-successful puzzle game that's almost exactly like Bejeweled, which, by the way, is superior in every way... but I digress) is successful on a level that most developers never even dream of. To date, the game has been downloaded more than half a billion times. That's fantastic for its creator, a London-based mobile game company named King, but it also poses a bit of a problem for its potential IPO, Telegraph reports.

The game's runaway success is a concern for potential investors because King hasn't proven its ability to duplicate the winning formula. The epic debut, spike and subsequent decline of Zynga's stock price is still fresh in everyone's mind, so to help assuage Wall Street's worries, King is putting a hold on its bid for a Nasdaq listing until it can prove it won't pull a Vanilla Ice. So if you were hoping to cash in on the Candy Crush hype, you'll have to wait until an unspecified 2014 window to do so.

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