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Google's Open Gallery lets others create online exhibitions, but is it art?


When Google's not busy fulfilling GIF requests, it also enjoys cataloging arguably more important things for us to vicariously see, read or visit. With so much still so inaccessible, though, today the firm's launched Open Gallery, which allows "anyone with cultural content" to build online exhibitions as part of the Google Cultural Institute. There's still an element of curation, of course, as any individual, gallery, museum et al wanting to populate their own multimedia exhibition needs to hit up Google for an invite. As well as this new online space, an IRL "Lab at the Cultural Institute" has also opened today within the search giant's Parisian office, where new digitization projects will be born and technologies that make them happen tested. To give us an idea of how Open Gallery can be used, there are a bunch of example exhibitions now live (go here), so go take a look after you've bookmarked that disturbing GIF you spent the last 20 minutes finding.

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