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LG working on Google Play edition of the G Pad 8.3

Brad Molen

When HTC and Samsung both came out with vanilla Android versions (referred to as Google Play editions) of their flagship smartphones this summer, we were excited because this meant that some of our favorite devices would now come with a "Nexus-like" option. Things got a bit quiet after that, but six months later, it appears that LG is busy preparing its first Google Play edition device: the G Pad 8.3. LG's confirmed the existence of the tablet on its own website after releasing KitKat open source files for the LG-V510; when you download the ZIP, you'll be greeted with references to the Google Play edition of the 8.3. This still doesn't guarantee that it'll actually be released, but it appears that the company's getting pretty close to doing so -- and as luck would have it, a rather large consumer electronics event is taking place early next month, and what better place is there to show off the first Google Play edition tablet?

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