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Nintendo declares National StreetPass Weekend on Dec. 14-15


Make sure your Nintendo 3DS is charged up and ready for some passive data-sharing action this Friday and Saturday, as Nintendo has declared December 14 and 15 to be the first-ever National StreetPass Weekend in North America.

Over the weekend, Nintendo will shuffle around relayed StreetPasses at Nintendo Zone locations nationwide, allowing players to meet with faraway StreetPassers from all 50 states. Nintendo previously hosted a National StreetPass Day in the UK, though the North American holiday simply asks 3DS owners to travel to the nearest Starbucks or Best Buy to participate, instead of a centralized meet-up location.

Nintendo added further incentive to try out its StreetPass service with a collection of four StreetPass games released earlier this year, rewarding players with Mii hats and other bonuses for meeting up with fellow 3DS owners in public.

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