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Get early access to Endless Space developer's roguelike Dungeon of the Endless


Amplitude Studios launched its dungeon defense game Dungeon of the Endless on Steam today. The alpha version of the game is available through Steam Early Access through two packs, both currently 25 percent off. The base-level Pixel Pack version is currently $9.74, whereas the Founder Pack is $14.99 and grants players access to additional ships, heroes and 50 percent off coupons for Endless Space and its Disharmony expansion.

Dungeon of the Endless, billed as a roguelike dungeon defense game, is set in the Endless Space universe and has players opening doors, gathering goods and decimating enemies before their equipment is destroyed. Amplitude Studios divulged the game's inception, which occurred during a late-night, drunken brain-storming session, at Gamescom.

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Watch The New Video From Amplitude Studios' Rogue-like
Dungeon-Defense Game, Play the Alpha Now

Paris, December 11, 2013 – Award-winning indie developer Amplitude Studios opened the door today to Dungeon of the Endless, the studio's first rogue-like dungeon-defense game integrated into the popular Endless Space universe, with a live playable Alpha version on Steam's Early Access program

The Early Access version, still in development, offers a glimpse into the game's eclectic mix of team-building strategy and resource management, brutal combat and deep exploration. It is available via the base-level Pixel Pack and the more robust Founders Pack on Steam with bonuses for Endless Space and Endless Legend.

Dungeon of the Endless is a rogue-like dungeon-defense game offering a retro 2D look with modern 3D graphics on PC. Players will build and equip a team, gather resources and construct defenses, and explore an infinite number of dungeons in an effort to reach the planet's surface. The tough hybrid title plays entirely differently than the 4X game Endless Space, but keen observers will notice ties between the two, as each is set in the Endless universe.

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