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Indie Royale spawns Daily Royale for quick, frugal gamers


Discount PC gaming retailer Indie Royale has started a new initiative dubbed Daily Royale whose purpose is to offer even bigger discounts on select games. The catch? You'll need to be fast to take advantage of these deals.

Though Daily Royale only sells digital games, it does so using redeemable codes, and the site usually only has a limited number of codes to work with. The inaugural offering from the service is space shooter Strike Suit Zero at $5 (instead of its normal $20 price point), and with just under 67 hours left, Daily Royale has 942 codes remaining. Expect those to go quickly once word spreads of this site.

Despite its name, Daily Royale plans to offer two new sales a week initially, with more frequent sales appearing once the site has established itself. If you'd like to make sure you're up to date on what Daily Royale has on offer, signing up for the site's newsletter is the fastest way to get updates on new sales. For those of you unwilling to leave the warm, soothing cocoon of social media however, there are also Facebook and Twitter accounts to keep tabs on.

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