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Twitter and Comcast expand their tweet-based TV viewing to nine more providers


Comcast and Twitter made it easy to watch TV online when they launched their SeeIt social platform, but the service has only been truly useful for Comcast customers watching NBCUniversal shows. It's about to become much more relevant, though, as Comcast has reached deals with nine new channel and TV service providers. ABC, A&E Networks, AMC, Cablevision, Charter, Crown Media Family Networks, Discovery, Fox and Time Warner Cable should all support SeeIt's "watch now" links in tweets as soon as the first quarter of 2014. You also won't need to sign up for Comcast service to get the full experience -- the new SeeIt deal will let Cablevision, Charter and TWC TV subscribers both tune their set-top boxes and record programming without ever grabbing the TV remote. There will still be gaps in SeeIt's coverage in the wake of these agreements, but don't be surprised if it's ubiquitous in the near future.

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