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Valve revamps Steam Mobile for iOS


Valve has released an update to its popular Steam Mobile app for iOS. Steam Mobile is Valve's official Steam client for iOS that allows gamers to stay connected with the Steam Community while on the move. User can chat with their Steam friends and read the latest gaming news, as well as browse groups, community messages and user profiles.

With Steam Mobile 1.3, users will notice a redesigned UI that matches the look and feel of iOS 7. There are also a significant number of usability enhancements including offline chat, improved push notifications, the ability to display friends by nickname and a streamlined interface. Here are the full release notes:

What's New in Version 1.3
- New look and feel
- Offline chat
- Improved push notifications and icon badging
- Moved invites to a separate screen
- Streamlined interface for responding to friend invites
- Display friend nicknames
- Added iconography to indicate that friends are on mobile or using Big Picture
- Include Facebook suggested friends in invites list
- Improved stability and performance

Steam Mobile for iOS is a universal app and a free download.

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