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iPhone 5s is the top selling smartphone at every US carrier


A new research note from Canaccord Genuity analyst T. Michael Walkley reveals that the iPhone 5s is the top-selling smartphone across all carriers in the US. Not to be outdone, the iPhone 5c, despite what you may have read to the contrary, is also selling quite briskly. The colorful offshoot of the iPhone 5 currently ranks third on the list of most popular smartphone models across US carriers.

AppleInsider reports:

Before the iPhone 5s and 5c's release, Apple, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Sony, and Motorola all had handsets enjoying top-three sales at at least one of America's big four carriers. Apple's September announcement pushed all but Samsung out of the picture and relegated the South Korean conglomerate's Galaxy S4 to the runner-up position across the board.

Particularly impressive is that the iPhone 5s, according to Canaccord Genuity's research, has been the top-selling smartphone at every US-based carrier going all the way back to September. This is notable insofar as it shows that sales of the iPhone 5s have remained robust even in the face of supply shortages, which have now been all but eliminated. Earlier this week, we reported that iPhone 5s availability across all carriers/colors/capacities checked in at close to 100 percent at most Apple retail stores.

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