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Breakfast Topic: Switching up your gaming role

There aren't many different gaming roles in WoW: you tank, you heal, or you dish out damage. So you might think picking a role and sticking to it wouldn't be difficult, but sometimes we all need a change. Maybe you're looking for something new in your gaming routine or you're transitioning a character from leveling to dungeoning and have decided to make the leap into a tanking or healing role. No matter how much you read up on specs, rotations, and strategy beforehand -- and some classes, specs, or encounters may require more preparation than others -- your first attempts at playing a new game role may not go as well as you'd like.

So today, readers, we're talking about how you've managed to jump game roles. Why did you decide to switch? How did you go about making the jump? And how did the whole process work out for you?

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