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PSA: Tiny Brains out now on Steam, 30 percent off until December 18 [Update]


Spearhead Games' Tiny Brains is now available on Steam for PC. The co-op action puzzler is 30 percent off until December 18 ($13.99). Those looking to take advantage of the "cooperative" part of the game may want to pick up the Tiny Brains 2 Pack for $24.99, granting them an extra copy to give to a friend.

Our review of the game found it "accessible and adorably illustrated," though its puzzles seemed increasingly repetitive and predictable as the game wore on. Tiny Brains already made an appearance on PSN for both PS3 and PS4 last week.

Update: As a clarification, Tiny Brains only launched on PS4 last week, but it will arrive on PS3 early next year.

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