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Well Fed Buff: WoW-themed recipes for your Winter Veil feast


I only managed to slide in a roundup of Pilgrim's Bounty recipes the very day of Thanksgiving, so let's get our shopping lists rolling a little sooner for a Winter's Veil feast! Some of this will be a tad repetitive from the Pilgrim's Bounty lineup, but I hope a few new winter dishes, some seasonal tweaks and suggestions, plus having the whole thing ready for you a little earlier will help everyone plan and enjoy a fun World of Warcraft-themed holiday feast.

Again, let's start off with side dishes and accompaniments for your Winter's Veil feast.

Oronok Tubers Old-school skinners will recognize Shadowmoon Valley's Oronok Torn-heart as that cool guy by all the boars who'll buy your greys, sell you water, repair your gear and even give you a hefty heal when your hit points run low. Questers will recognize Oronok as "the tuber guy." Following Oronok's lead, if mashed potatoes are too bland for your taste, spice things up with these spicy roasted root vegetables.

Conjured Croissants Everyone at our house always fights over the last crescent roll -- oh, that happens at your house, too?

Dalaran Applesauce Here's a healthy side dish that won't take up any space on the stove or in the oven. Simmer this up in a slow cooker in a quiet corner and enjoy as a side dish or even as a pie topping.

Spice Bread Ready for some good exercise kneading this bad boy? Good things are worth working -- and waiting -- for.

Cranberry Chutney Zarhym may not care for cranberries, but we do -- so no more jiggly cranberry sauce out of the can, okay?

Pre-feast and post-feast munchies

Night Dragon's Breath Dip Who here remembers when dedicated raiders farmed these up before raid nights? It was an obsession -- and so will this decadent broccoli cheese dip be, once you try it. Sure, the Velveeta isn't healthy by a long shot, but what were you expecting from a dish out of Felwood?

Monster Omelet If you're really not into leftovers for breakfast, whip up a Monster Omelet. Ding, you just gained faction.

Spicy Dwarven Cocoa The forges of Ironforge must have inspired this dwarven classic. I feel warmer inside just from reading the name of the recipe, don't you?

Rock-Salted Pretzels These are so, so easy and so, so fun to make, and you've probably already got the ingredients on hand. If the family's getting bored after the feast has come and gone, get back into the kitchen and shape some WoW-inspired pretzels -- all specs, all flavors.

Frosty libations

Sideways Snowman The first WoW-themed alcoholic drink we ever featured was actually sent in by a reader.

Cherry Grog There's nothing dire at all about this Dire Maul beverage. We offer both hot and cold versions.

Fizzy Faire Drinks How could anything from the Darkmoon Faire not be fun at a gathering of family and friends?

Well-Watered Buff This collection was assembled for BlizzCon 2013 with drinks themed for each faction, many familiar faces from within Azeroth, and even WoW Insider staff members. There's a drink here for everyone. (Well, everyone over age 21, anyway.) Cheers!
Holiday baking

Delicious Chocolate Cake Here it is -- the classic homemade comfort dessert the whole family adores. This one's so popular that we've done more than one version. Check out our first Well-Fed Buff Delicious Chocolate Cake.

Soft Banana Bread This shortbread recipe's not nearly as demanding as the Spice Bread recipe above, but it still falls into the range of slightly spicy, not-too-sweet baked goods traditionally enjoyed during the winter holidays. This one's another popular recipe; we have another version of Soft Banana Bread from more recent times.

Carrot Cupcakes If you like Soft Banana Bread, you'll love Carrot Cupcakes.

Winter sweets and treats

Winter's Veil Bark This minty chocolate treat looks great piled on a plate on your holiday sideboard.

Maiev's Grudge It's peanut butter cups pumped up with Power Infusion -- and you'll feel like you've just blown your cooldown if you eat more than a square or two.

Tauren Toenails How does a tauren hide in a cherry tree? He paints his hooves red. Chocolate-covered strawberries may not be an effective form of stealth, but they sure taste good.

Moonbrook Riot Taffy Looking for something to do with the family once the feast is over? There's science in this here cooking project -- fun for all ages.

Critter Bites Because our four-legged friends deserve holiday yummies, too.

Whether you're spending your holiday enjoying Winter's Veil in Azeroth or Christmas and the winter holidays out on Earth -- or both -- we wish you a delicious time courtesy of the Well Fed Buff!

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