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Community Blog Topic: Pitch your World of Warcraft expansion

There are many things to like and dislike about the announcements for Warlords of Draenor. So erebhir's suggestion for this week's Community Blog Topic is

"Pitch YOUR World of Warcraft Expansion!"

You've got carte blanche and the eyes of your fellow WoW Insider readers. From launch event to final raid tier, take us through the story you want the next WoW expansion to tell.

My expansion would be called The Return of Gnomeregan. Master alchemist and all around genius Billy Bonka (a gnome) comes up with a potion which cleanses Gnomeregan of its lingering issues. Once he has done with it, there is no chance of becoming a leper gnome and the gnomes are able to return back home for real this time.

Billy Bonka then wants to try his hand at cleaning up Southshore. Several quest chains would involve getting samples from Southshore on the Alliance side of things. But after a big battle, Southshore cannot be taken back from the Forsaken so Bonka is unable to test any potion he may or may not have.

After many adventures, it turns out that Bonka is trying to overthrow the Alliance leadership to become a dictator. With the help of his tribe of aliens from another dimension -- the Eepa Leepas -- he attempts to conquer Ironforge. He fails and returns to his factory.

The final raid takes place in the Billy Bonka Alchemy Factory. The adventurers have to clear out several rooms before getting to the main office. The Fizzy Lifting Elixir room, the Golden Potion room, the Potion River room -- these and a few others will be visited and conquered by intrepid raiders. Bonka's main office is where players will finally attempt to defeat the master alchemist.

The Horde will get some storylines involving the Forsaken and of course Orcs and will ally with the Alliance for the attack on the Billy Bonka Alchemy Factory.

No new classes or races, but some of the current races will have more customization, such as tattoos and body types.

To keep with tradition, the Dance Studio will still not be implemented.

What will your expansion be? Blog your answer and post a link in the comments below or if you don't have a WoW-related blog, leave your response as a comment. Some posts will be spotlighted next week.

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