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Payday 2 'Charlie Santa' Heist DLC drops in time for the holidays


Payday 2 on Steam will receive a free bit of festive DLC on Monday, December 16.

The free "Charlie Santa" Heist mission, which sees Payday 2's four crooks busting into a custom bank map, can go one of two ways: you can quickly hunt down the two key cards necessary to break into the vault, bag the cash and get out; or, if things go pear-shaped and you must drill into the vault, you can set up some lift cages on the roof and have your pilot swoop in and skyhook the packaged cash.

The "Charlie Santa" Heist DLC also features some festive St. Nick masks for those who are part of the official Steam community group for the game, plus a new scope to unlock, courtesy of Gage the weapons dealer. Finally, there are some new achievements to unlock, including one where you have to neatly package four dead bodies and place them under the bank's Christmas tree. Nobody wants to unwrap that on Christmas morning!

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