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What a Steam Machine looks like

S. Prell, @SamPrell

When new hardware arrives, gamers the world over become bitten by a precocious little parasite called "the unboxing bug." So it is with Valve's hardware prototypes, the Steam Box / Steam Machines. Reddit user colbehr received his hardware from Valve yesterday, and has posted an exhaustive photo-inspection of the unit for all to enjoy. So, let's dig in:

Big? Seems fairly substantial. Black? Like midnight at the bottom of the ocean. Box? Boy, you better believe it. And there you go! Valve has given hardware beta testers a big, black box to toy around with. It also came shipped in a wooden crate, like something hauled out of that place in the Indiana Jones movies where they keep The Ark of the Covenant and James Woods. Mind you, this is a hardware beta, and we don't know if this is what the units will look like when they're available for purchase.

Check out more angles after the break.

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