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Daylight explores an abandoned hospital and its spooky roots


Atlus, publisher on Daylight, has shared some story details about the upcoming exploration-based horror game. The game is set in 1983 on Mid Island and stars Sarah Gwynn, who one day wakes up in a derelict hospital to find herself all alone. The hospital, which has seen better days, was once going to be fitted as a high-end hospice care unit for the wealthy, but the company financing the renovation suddenly backed out at the last minute and left the hospital to rot.

And, surely enough, the hospital looks like it was suddenly vacated years ago, as you can see in the new bunch of screens in our gallery below. One day in the '40s, all of the staff and patients just upped and vanished. The hospital was forced to permanently close its doors in 1948 and presumably nobody has been back since.

Sarah will explore this derelict hospital, among other locations, in early 2014 when Daylight launches for the PC and PS4. The game runs on Unreal Engine 4 and is being written by Jessica Chobot, who also lends her voice as protagonist Sarah Gwynn.

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