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Starbound, Slender: The Arrival featured among Indie DB's top 100 of 2013


Indie gaming portal Indie DB has revealed its reader-voted picks for the top indie games of 2013, showcasing a variety of big-name favorites and little-known greats released for PC throughout the year.

Indie DB's picks range from recent releases like Starbound and The Stanley Parable to popular hits from earlier this year, including Slender: The Arrival and Rogue Legacy. In-development projects like Black Mesa and Viscera Cleanup Detail also share the spotlight across a handful of featured genres.

Featured Indie of the Year Awards developers are eligible to receive over $15,000 in prizes for ranking among the site's top ten or within the editor's choice category. Previous Indie of the Year winners include Torn Banner Studios' Chivalry: Medieval Warfare and Mojang's Minecraft.

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