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TUAW video tip: Creating Contacts groups on a PC


Mac users have been able to create groups in Contacts (formerly Address Book) for years. It's a wonderful way to group together various contacts so that you can send an email or message to all the parties in question by addressing it to the group instead of the individuals. There's one little issue with the Contacts app in iOS, however -- you can't create groups on your iPhone or iPad.

While this is not a problem for Mac owners, who can just launch Contacts on their Macs to create a group to be synced through iCloud to their iOS devices, it would seem to be a real issue for Windows or Linux users who also own iOS devices, since there is no native Apple/iCloud Contacts app for those platforms.

Actually, there's an easy solution -- using the Contacts app from any desktop or laptop web browser, since it (like the Mac app) provides a way to create groups. We'll show you how in the video below, so you can put together that "Christmas Cards" group in time for the holidays next year.


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