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Breakfast Topic: Where are the chairs?

Sometimes you receive a letter from a reader that makes you say, "Chairs? Hunh. I mean ... Hunh. Dude's got a point. Chairs."

Here's the letter, in all its (ahem) upstanding passion:

What do we want? CHAIRS!
When do we want them? NOW!
What will we eat if we don't get them? BRAINS!

Take a walk through the classic capital cities of Warcraft, specifically the Horde cities. While you take this tour I have a challenge for you – count the number of chairs that you can find. This number might startle you. The specific cities of Thunderbluff, Orgimmar, and the Undercity are largely if not completely vacant of such fixtures save for two thrones.

This also largely applies to the nearby cities and housing for those races. Visit the Cross Roads, visit Tarren Mill, and other smaller factional holdings and you will notice a trend of a lack of chairs. To its credit, Brill has -1- chair. In fact there is an overall lack of much in the way of viable living space for the classic races of the Horde.

So what gives? More so why is this important and how might it be reflected in the coming content? Among the Horde players there is a growing concern that this lack of basic fixtures will be missing from the Horde's Garrisons if current content is any means to speculate. Since the garrisons will be Orcish in style, will the lack of basic fixtures also be reflected in the Garrison?

Take a look at the Alliance. There is material already published in regards to the Garrisons, and it's gorgeous: frankly the stuff of rp dreams. Previews came out at Blizzcon 2013. Much of the Alliance Garrison modeling and fixtures are based on established content, where we can easily draw many parallels. So if we consider the Alliance Garrison and then their content, then look to the Horde, you will understand why so many Horde players are starting to regard the Garrisons with a certain measure of dread. Would you sink a small fortune in gold, and many hours of your time for...mats on a dirt floor? When asked the overwhelming Horde consensus is: no.

The Garrisons are a spectacular chance for Blizzard to do something great for the players. Let's hope that the Horde receives some greatly needed updating and content in terms of interior design.

A Forsaken player who really would just like to sit in a chair

So, seated and not-so-seated denizens of Azeroth: Do we need more chairs?

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