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'Everything is a Remix' explores the origins of iPhone functionality, skeuomorphism


The iPhone is often seen as a groundbreaking device -- and if we're talking about how it changed the mobile landscape, then it definitely was groundbreaking -- but the inspiration for the device didn't come out of thin air. In the latest edition of "Everything is a Remix," the iPhone is shown to be less of an original idea and more a clever implementation of several existing concepts.

The "Everything is a Remix" videos are well-presented arguments that there are few truly original ideas left out there, and the iPhone edition is no different. The clip tackles the heavy use of skeuomorphism in iOS 1-6, and the adoption of features from competing platforms for iOS 7, suggesting that all Apple has really done is copy from either physical devices or the likes of Android and Windows Phone. I'll leave each of you to opine whether that's truly the case or not.

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