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Heroes of the Storm Live Q&A with the developers


Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard's upcoming hero brawler, is hosting a live Q&A session with the developers today at 11am Pacific. You can watch the stream right here, and we'll embed the VoD when it's available, to catch up on all the latest Heroes issues and developer responses.

Joining the livestream today are Dustin Browder, Game Director; Phil Gonzales, Senior 3D Artist; and Kevin Johnson, Senior Manager, Community Development. These guys are primed to answer all your burning Heroes questions, so don't hold back!

You can check out the questions submitted, as well as sending in your own to @BlizzHeroes, via the #HeroesQA hashtag. What would you like to know? And if you can't watch the livestream you can check out all WoW Insider's Heroes of the Storm information while you wait for the VoD.

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