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Introducing the TUAW One-to-One podcast, with first guest Brian Mueller


I'd like to introduce a new part of the TUAW family, our One-to-One podcast. This series will feature one host and one guest; focused on a particular topic, yet unafraid to weave into tangential traffic.

Our first guest is the developer behind Carrot To Do, Carrot Alarm Clock and Recur. You can read our review of Carrot here and the alarm clock here. Brian Mueller walks us through some of the challenges in making Carrot, and how restrictions, limitations and a learning curve helped make it the great app it is today.

We aim to deliver at least one episode a month, two if it's a particularly wonderful month. Best of all, each episode is less than 30 minutes (aiming for less than 20, honestly), so you don't have to dedicate half your life to listening.

Listen through the web player embedded below or direct download the MP3 here. We'll post the iTunes link as soon as it is available.

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