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PS Plus members can trip out on Dyad for free this week


Dyad on PS3 is free to PlayStation Plus members this week, starting today. Dyad is a transcendent game about traversing the cracks between time and space, or something equally mystical that involves maneuvering a particle through kaleidoscopic tunnels. When we played it last year, we called it "magic."

The PS Store's Holiday Sale enters week three with special discounts for Plus members, including Far Cry 3 for $18, Guacamelee for $3.75, Limbo for $3.75, God of War Ascension for $10 and Hitman: Blood Money for $4.25.

A free trial of Killzone: Shadow Fall's multiplayer modes will hit PS4 from December 28 - 31 for Plus members, with pre-loading available today. Check out the full list of sale items and Plus goodies on the PlayStation Blog.

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