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PSA: Holiday-themed DLC hits Borderlands 2


Tis' the season to blow aliens to pieces, and to aid in that effort developer Gearbox has unleashed the third entry in its Headhunter DLC series, aptly dubbed "How Marcus Saved Mercenary Day."

Not quite a full-fledged DLC offering, How Marcus Saved Mercenary Day will only set you back $3. As we reported earlier, the adventure is holiday-themed, pitting players against arctic temperatures and an eventual battle with the Abominable Mister Tinder Snowflake, a character whose adorable name belies the posse of killers he's employed to protect his grim winter wonderland. Kill Snowflake, and you'll be rewarded with a custom snowman head for your character, almost daring snipers to aim for the huge white blob attached to your skull.

This latest Headhunter DLC joins Thanksgiving- and Halloween-themed DLC with similar bonus prizes.

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