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PSN Christmas Euro-deals continue with Rain, Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut


If all you wanted for Christmas was a set of PlayStation Europe deals on Rain and Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut, we'd say you ought to expand your horizons. As such, it's not for us to judge your lack of imagination, but to simply inform you that a Christmas miracle happened, and all your wants have been met. Huz-zah.

So, shun that 179-gear mountain bike and that Game of Thrones box set complete with 100 percent genuine dragon eggs, and make your Christmas complete by grabbing PS3 artistic puzzler Rain for £5.49 (€7/AU$10.35) and the enhanced Director's Cut of The Lone Survivor on Vita for £4.79 (€6/AU$8.85).

Those prices drop an additional 10 percent for PlayStation Plus members, and as with all the discounts in PlayStation Europe's 12 Deals of Christmas campaign, they'll be available for 48 hours across today and tomorrow.

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