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Apparently sticking your iPhone in a creepy crustacean is totally cool in Japan


A giant isopod is a creepy looking crustacean related to crabs, and they resemble oversized pillbugs. They're also, it appears, a fine creature on which to model an iPhone case. As discovered by Kotaku, this unorthodox "Giant Isopod iPhone Case" accessory goes on sale later this month, and despite its strange design, it looks like it would actually provide a good deal of protection.

As you can see from the product shots, the case is made of a flexible rubber and is largely hollow, with thin rubber walls providing structure. If you happened to drop your iPhone, I can't imagine an angle at which the isopod case wouldn't shield it from harm. If you're looking for a smartphone accessory that will protect your device while simultaneously freaking out anyone who sees it sitting on a desk, this is probably your best bet.

The case will be sold for 2,940 yen, which is roughly US$29. That price point is on par with some of the higher-end protective cases out there, but I suppose you can't put a price on utter horror.

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