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Breakfast Topic: Bizarre WoW dreams


The other night was a first for me--I dreamed about WoW. In all my years playing, I have never had a dream about the game. There have been plenty of daydreams during boring meetings or classes, mind you, but never an actual bona fide, I'm-asleep-and-my-brain-has-gone-to-play, dream. Until now.

My husband and I are going to visit family over Christmas, and the flight for the first leg of our trip was delayed by a couple hours. We were already due to come in late, so we ended up arriving even later, and by the time we got to sleep in our hotel it was after midnight. I collapsed in exhaustion, and promptly fell into the World of Warcraft. According to my sleep-brain, the minipet for the Warlords of Draenor Collector's Edition is going to be a caterpillar-like creature composed of little Garrosh torsos, their heads bobbing along like a grotesque Stegosaurus spine, with amputated arms for legs.

Not gonna lie, guys, I am already disappointed that this won't be the case.

Have you ever dreamed about WoW? If so, what did you dream? And which dream was the weirdest?

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