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Dr. Luigi announced for Wii U, hits eShop this month


Dr. Luigi, an other-sibling-themed spin on Dr. Mario, closes out the Year of Luigi with a bang when it hits the Wii U eShop on December 31 in North America - as for Europe, the doctor isn't in until January 15. Dr Luigi features an online mode for 2-player biological warfare, and traditional Dr. Mario-like modes that support online play.

As revealed in this morning's Nintendo Direct, Dr. Luigi plays like the classic 90s puzzler, with players trying to align capsules with color-matching viruses. The most obvious twist is that Dr. Luigi's main mode, Operation L, features L-shaped blocks of two capsules fused together, with at least three matching-color blocks within the block. So, while players have to match four colors together, it's still easier than the original Dr. Mario; as Nintendo chief Satoru Iwata explained during the Direct broadcast, play will be swifter, but less punishing in terms of hitting a Game Over screen.

If players prefer the traditional single-capsule, two-colors-matching mechanics of Dr. Mario, they can take up the Retro Remedy mode, which features button controls, or Germ Buster, which let you position capsules using the touchscreen and stylus.

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