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Google expands iOS support for Glass, but pulls MyGlass app


Those Glassholes Google Glass Explorers who are iPhone users have more to be happy about. XE12, the latest Google Glass OS update, gives iPhone users the ability to take part in Google Hangouts through their pricey, yet oh-so-nerdish eyewear. Oh, yeah -- Android users can do that as well now...

But wait, there's more! There's now an official YouTube upload capability, an official Glass lock screen, improvements to the Play Music function and -- you're going to love this one -- the addition of the Wink feature. To take a picture with your Google Glass, all you need to do is wink. Creepy, huh?

The biggest feature for iPhone users, though, is official Google support for an iOS version of the MyGlass app. The app showed up on the App Store yesterday morning, but was yanked for God-knows-what reason and is expected to be properly intro'd later this week.

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