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Krampus has arrived in The Secret World

MJ Guthrie

Bust out the holiday cheer, Krampus is here! The holidays have officially arrived in The Secret World with the start of the all-new Christmas event, A Mother of a Season. Until the 2nd of January, brave groups of adventures can follow Krampus into the realm of Niflheim to fight even more enemies, and even call forth Hel herself. PvPers can try and become the Lord of Misrule, a five-minute title that grants special abilities during PvP. Of course, there are plenty of themed goodies and loot as well, not to mention the return of the End of Days event.

Today's patch also brought a handy new addition to the game: a pet inventory. Now you can free up your bag space by clicking on all your pets and moving them to the new pet window (shift + p), earning an achievement for each pet collected.

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