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New Pebble appstore and SDK 2.0 brings more functionality and ease of use to the smartwatch


Pebble, which started as a Kickstarter project, has been on an amazing growth curve. While the smartwatch market is still young, I feel like Pebble has hit a sweet spot for consumers. The use of an e-ink display maximizes battery and lowers cost; plus the water resistance and interchangeable bands are all consumer-friendly moves. Yet the hardware (more capable than you may think) limited developer access, so developers were unable to implement some hardware features -- until today.

SDK 2.0 for Pebble introduces four new APIs: JavaScript, Accelerometer, Data Logging and Persistent Storage. Having already seen a sneak peek at a few apps using 2.0, I can tell you that the best is yet to come for Pebble.

As for consumers, the Pebble app for iOS will become a more cohesive experience and do a better job of showcasing useful things for your Pebble (see below). The appstore will have categories (see above), making it that much easier to browse. But the big news is you'll soon see (as in early 2014) more useful apps filling up the store!

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