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The Daily Grind: What awesome feature was ruined by its cost?


I'm just as befuddled as Eliot is over the extraordinarily high cost of guild housing in Final Fantasy XIV, although this sort of scenario is not unknown to me. It's usually played out like this: Studio spends months trumpeting an awesome upcoming feature that the playerbase is squeeing over, and then at virtually the last minute, a cost is announced that takes it out of the realm of the casual and robs many people of enthusiasm for it.

I've gone through that many times. One example was when Lord of the Rings Online was going on and on about allowing players to bring their skirmish soldiers out onto the landscape. Man, Turbine just talked this up but was really coy -- almost right until the end -- as to the cost, which ended up requiring a grind or real dollars to purchase a limited-time access to this feature. Almost instantly, my enthusiasm for it was extinguished.

For you, what awesome feature in an MMO was ruined when you heard what it would cost?

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