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Ace Combat: Infinity pushed back to 2014


It's no surprise Ace Combat: Infinity won't land this year, making it the second of Namco's free-to-play PS3 games to barrel roll into 2014. Both it and Soulcalibur: Lost Swords were due in 2013, but with the year rapidly drawing to a close, Namco Bandai made their delays official.

As Gematsu reports, the official vagary from Namco is the delay was made to provide a "better" end product. Both games underwent beta testing in recent months, with a closed Ace Combat: Infinity beta ending yesterday in Japan.

Namco hasn't provided official word on what to expect from either game's microtransactions. In October, Ace Combat Brand Manager Kazutoki Kono told Joystiq going down the F2P route was "maybe a difficult call" given some apprehension from fans, but that he believed it would prove worthwhile and wouldn't affect Infinity's quality.

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