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Angry Birds Star Wars 2 is free on iOS for a limited time


Angry Birds Star Wars 2 X-winged its way to freedom this week, not from the pork side but from the shackles of its 99c tag. The sci-fly sequel is the App Store's free app of the week, meaning for a limited you can purchase it permanently at no cost - it's got to be worth a beak at that price, no? Okay, no more pun-ishment. Really, that was the last one.

So, Angry Birds Star Wars 2 follows the original's formula, but with a bunch of new levels and characters, as well as the tactile addition of the Skylanders-like Telepod toys. If you don't fancy it on iOS, even for free, it's also on Android, PC, and Windows Phone 8.

One place you won't find it or its predecessor in the near future is Facebook. This week, Rovio announced it's closing Angry Birds Star Wars on the social network in March 2014.

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