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Castlevania deals on Xbox: Harmony of Despair, Symphony of the Night, Mirror of Fate HD


It's Castlemania in today's end-of-year deals from Xbox, with Lords of Shadow: Mirror of Fate HD, Symphony of the Night, and Harmony of Despair all on sale, along with a host of Castlevania add-ons.

Harmony of Despair, the 2D platformer that debuted on XBLA back in 2010, is down to $5.09. 1997 classic Symphony of the Night is just $3.39, while the HD port of 3DS entry Mirror of Fate is yours for $7.49.

If you don't fancy sinking your teeth into any of those one-day-only deals, don't forget there's a sizable selection of games staying discounted throughout the week.

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