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Explore the sea with friends in Oculus Rift-enabled World of Diving


For all of mankind's hubris we know very little about the ocean. Developer Vertigo Games' World of Diving probably won't do much to change that, but it does allow you to visit the briny depths with friends in tow and Oculus Rift support.

Initially, the developer sought to crowdfund the Oculus-enabled game, but when that failed, Vertigo turned to Steam Greenlight where the community quickly embraced the idea of an immersive underwater exploration game. Being in pre-alpha, there isn't much to say of the game so far, though Vertigo did recently launch a website for the game that allows prospective players to register for updates and lightly customize their diver of choice.

As the above pre-alpha multiplayer trailer demonstrates, exploration is key in World of Diving, and while you'll encounter sharks and other deadly creatures, the sea floor is a generally serene place. That may change through the course of the game's development, but for now World of Diving appears to be a relaxing diversion - assuming your friends aren't horrible jerks.

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