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Max: The Curse of Brotherhood swings onto Xbox One, out now


Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, the follow up to Max and the Magic Marker, is available right now on Xbox One, priced $15 on the Xbox Games Store. The Microsoft-published 2.5D platformer was due on the Xbox 360 in the spring, but that window got pushed back to early 2014 after developer Press Play announced the Xbox One version.

After an idle wish for his annoying little brother to disappear is spectacularly granted, Max sets off to save his smaller sibling, once more employing the help of a magic crayon. The previous game's 2D drawn-on look is swapped out for higher 3D detail in The Curse of Brotherhood, and now the marker can manipulate water streams, raise platforms out of the ground, and twist out handy vines (plants, not Sliwinski) for Max to use.

While The Curse of Brotherhood snuck out a little early on Xbox One, there's no news on an ETA for Xbox 360.

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