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Rumor: Killer Instinct dev now working on futuristic shooter


Double Helix recently launched the Xbox One-exclusive Killer Instinct and is currently at work on a Strider revival, yet thanks to some online resumé snooping, it appears that the studio also has a futuristic action game in the works.

Earlier this month, OXM discovered an image in the CG Society page of Double Helix artist James Paick. That image is partially shown above, and as you can see it doesn't look like anything from Killer Instinct. It could be a Strider asset, though further evidence seems to negate that possibility.

Allen Will describes himself as a senior visual effects artist at Double Helix on his LinkedIn page. That upcoming Strider reboot is listed in his credits, though directly below that we see "Unannounced Action Shooter," a game slated for release on next-generation consoles and the PC platform. Though Will's description of his duties does little to describe this mystery game, he does partially describe his role in the game's creation: "Development of high quality textures/particles for various effects such as smoke, energy, plasma, disintegration, electricity and explosions using third party software such as Maya fluids and photoshop and proprietary tools." Further, Will claims that he "Researched and conceptualized the look for explosions and rifle based weapon effects as well as organic/humanoid weapons, melee and character effects."

Plasma? Disintegration? Rifle-based weapon effects deployed against organic and inorganic targets? That certainly sounds like a futuristic shooter, but until Double Helix opts to officially announce its next game, we remain in the dark.

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