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SWTOR gives Galactic Starfighter crew member bios


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Whether you fight for the Republic or the Empire as a space jockey, you're going to need a good crew member at your side in Star Wars: The Old Republic: Galactic Starfighter. BioWare's lined up two pages detailing the bios of eight crew members you can pick up for your adventures.

The Empire crew members include Aven Geth, a human shield tech; MZ-12, a proud astromech; Salana Rok, a Chiss underworld enforcer; and Writch Hurley, a talented if incomprehensible engineer. Over on the Republic side, there's Kendra Novar, a good-hearted slicer; B-3G9, a mixed-up protocol droid; Oro Wogawa, an Ithorian engineering wiz; and Ashy, a Rattataki with a hair trigger.

Check out their full bios and let us know which crew member you prefer!

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