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Time-traveling mech puzzler Reset will support Oculus Rift


Reset, the sci-fi, noir mech game from indie developer Theory Interactive, is getting even more impressive – it will support Oculus Rift. Theory Interactive shared a few screenshots of the game in bug-eyed virtual reality, along with a new trailer that doesn't appear to be in immersive 3D, but we can't be sure because we don't have a pair of those special blue-and-red glasses on hand.

Reset is an exploration and open-world puzzle game set in a desolate future, on a fictional volcanic island in the Galápagos. Players travel through time as a mech to solve physical riddles with themselves and uncover the island's secrets. Reset currently in the midst of an Indiegogo campaign, with five days left to raise €34,000 and hit the goal of €65,000. We've been excited about Reset since its debut, in-game trailer hit the web in 2012, and the final game is due out on PC at the end of 2014.

Click the second VR screenshot below for a better idea of Reset's Oculus Rift world.

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