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Trio of gifs paint The Vanishing of Ethan Carter as pretty, eerie


Screenshots are so 2009, so instead developer The Astronauts has opted to issue three new glimpses at The Vanishing of Ethan Carter in the Internet's favorite movie format, the gif.

Problematically, The Astronauts are duly proud of their work and wanted to make these gifs as grand as possible, resulting in moving images that were approaching 20MB in size. The above gif, and the two below the break, have been reduced in size and quality to prevent our readers' computers from bursting into flames, but if you'd like to see the original versions visit The Astronauts website.

That gif above is a demonstration of what The Astronauts call "photogrammetric technology," a process that makes rendering highly detailed scenes both quicker and more efficient. It won't replace artists per se, but will instead augment their work.

This next gif demonstrates the same technology, though instead of a rocky canyon, we're walking through a graveyard at dusk. Likely because strolling through at three in the afternoon really isn't that spooky.

Finally, The Astronauts go full-on horror with this last gif of a ghost train. Instead of suplexing the thing, our hero barely dodges out of the way before it either crushes him to death or slimes him, depending on how ghosts work in this game.

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